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Tips And Trick Play Game Pokemon Go

Not long ago shocked the world with Pokemon game GO. The new game release is instantaneous directly to the worldwide famous. You've tried to play the game Pokemon GO highly hits it? As the name implies, in this game the players serve as trainers whose job is to capture pokemon that berkeiaran smoking in various places. With the technology of Augmented Reality (AR), as if you can see the pokemon in the real world with the help of a smartphone. As a player, you have to walk to different places to find wild Pokemon and Pokestop.

In Indonesia alone, the game becomes a game Pokemon GO The extremely popular. This is indicated by enthusiastic people who flocked to a place with Pokestop to search for Pokemon. Not only that, they also create a community of lovers of Pokemon Pokemon players dianggotai by GO. GO Pokemon players from various circles. There are still children and adults, there are men and there are women there who are already working or are still in school, and many more. Anyway, this game is so popular.

Why is it so popular? Because this game is like realizing the dreams of children around the world who want to be able to hunt like Satoshi Pokemon in Pokemon movie. For those of you who just started playing Pokemon GO and want to be a Pokemon Master, here are some tips and tricks to play the game Pokemon GO that you can try.

1. How To Catch Pikachu In Early Games
For those who love to watch Pokemon movie certainly wanted to have when playing Pokemon Pikachu GO. You can really get Pikachu Pokemon early in the game as a starter.
When you first play Pokemon GO, at the beginning of the game you will be given the choice of 3 Starter Pokemon Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. If you want mendapakan Pikachu you should not choose any of them. The road continues to stay away from the three Pokemon and they will continue to appear to follow your movements. After 4 times away 3 last Pokemon, Pikachu later will appear automatically, and it's time to catch the Pokemon Pikachu as your starter.
2. Trick Catch Pokemon Pokeball untuj With EXP More
When throwing Pokeball to catch Pokemon, sometimes will appear Nice, Great, and Excellent. As the material better than Pokemon Go, catch Pokemon actually should not be arbitrary for maximum results. You can use it for free Pokeball obtained from Professor, Pokestop, or from the Shop by using Pokecoin. There are other types of monster balls can choose the Great Ball and Ball Mater with kemungkinana successfully caught Pokemon Pokeball higher than usual. You can get it at Pokestop or when leveling.
To obtain information Nice with 10 bonus XP, you can throw a Pokeball when the circle that appears to be in greatest dimension. As for the Great with 50 bonus XP, you can throw a Pokeball when the circle is in the middle. As for the description of Excellent with the biggest bonus of 100 XP you get when the circle is in the smallest size. However, to obtain excelent not easy, requires great care when throwing so as not to fail. Later XP bonus that could raise the level of your character.


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Post by warnerautn (2016-07-18 04:27)

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