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This He Known Issues On Smartphone

When asked what items are required to carry when traveling, surely most people would answer smartphone. Yes, smartphones today has become one of the mandatory items that must be taken kemapun by modern society. That's because using a smartphone, you can perform a wide variety of fun things, not just a call or send a message. However, the smartphone can be used nntuk a variety of other needs, such as playing music, browsing the Internet, watching movies, playing games, and much more.
Although now many smartphones that have advanced technology, but still only smartphone is easily damaged electronic goods. Here are some of the problems that occur on smartphones.

1. Battery Leaked
Battery leakage is a common problem experienced by smartphone users. Leaked batteries dutandai with the loss of battery power very quickly even if you do not play smartphone. Kebanyang how annoying when you're playing a cool-cool smartphone that has just fully charged, suddenly died because kahabisan battery power. It seemed anxious to slam smartphone especially when you use it for a very important thing. Bocot battery that can actually be caused by the habit to charge your phone through the night or playing a smartphone while being charged.
2. Often Lemot
Although it already has a sophisticated tekologi, but the smartphone can still slow you know. Lemot mobile is also very annoying because you can not operate your smartphone more freely. Instead of playing games, for typing messages only ever ask for forgiveness. Smartphone lemot can be caused by several things, say because you are running multiple applications at the same time, storing too much data, or it could be because you install many applications in your smartphone.
3. Screen Touch Screen Smartphone Scratched
Today almost all smartphones carry the features of touch screen and no longer using the keypad. With the touch screen feature can facilitate you to operate the smartphone. Behind the sophistication and all the features it has, it turns on a smartphone touch screen is very prone to scratches. Although it's been a lot of smartphones that use Gorilla Glass and Glass Dragontail, but what about the smartphone are not yet using the screen type? Use of the wrong and too rough can cause the screen to become scratched smartphone to rupture. Therefore, and more attention must turn in operating the smartphone. For those of you who have long nails, but you should be more careful and do not be surprised jiak your smartphone screen many scratches. To prevent that happening on your smartphone, it helps you put sscreen guard so that the smartphone screen free of scratches.
4. Body Smartphone Scratched
Not only is the screen smartphone that you should consider, but in the body of the smartphone is also very prone to scratches. The friction between the smartphone with other objects in a bag or a severe sags body will cause your smartphone scratched so would interfere with the appearance of your smartphone. To prevent that, you must be careful not to drop your smartphone. Additionally, you can also use as a protective body using casing. However, keep in mind you should choose a qualified yes casing in order to provide perfect protection for your favorite smartphone.


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Post by warnerautn (2016-07-20 04:37)

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