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Social Media Ever Existed

Who tidaak familiar with social media? Surely you are familiar with social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, path, and so forth? By using social media, we can distribute a wide range of grievances us to friends of our social media. Besides social media can also be used as a means of communication with friends or even people we do not know so that we could have a new friend.

Social media presence does provide color in people's lives. Therefore, do not be surprised if social media is like a necessity that can not be separated from the life of society, especially the youth. In addition to adding friends, social media also increase income, as a means of entertainment, and you can also get the information that is being nge-hits. Guaranteed by having social media, you will be the one who never missed the information that is popular today. There is a positive impact, of course, there is also a negative impact. The positive impact of social media is that you become a man who rarely communicates directly with other people face to face and over time you can lose your identity.

Terlapas of all, do you know if it turns out there were very existence of social media such as facebook and twitter. However, because of the many social media that much more complete feature makes the social media became extinct because it was outdated. Want to know what are the social media? Here are some of the social media that ever existed.

1. Friendster
Have you been using social media called Friendster? First social media is very popular in the years 2004-2005 before the emergence of Facebook. Media soial with a logo that became his trademark smile is a social media focused on the game and also music. Friendster was founded on March 22, 2002. Of all the Friendster user, as much as 90% of the users coming from Asia, including Indonesia. In contrast to the social media that exists today, Friendster provides user convenience to change the template at will. There are many blogs that provide a large selection of free templates for Friendster. Just like Facebook, we can send comments or wall with an animated image. Unfortunately, in 2007 the popularity of Friendster gradually waned as the emergence of Facebook that allow users to change halauan to Facebook. Friendster was eventually converted into a provider of online gaming. But unfortunately, these efforts failed and Frienster really dead now.
2. Myspace
For you are a music lover and child pasrinya band is no stranger to social media this one. Yes, Myspace is a social media which has the biggest network in the world. Social media is produced by company News Digital Media owned by News Corporation in 2004. Which became one sau appeal of MySpace is that we can work and promote our music to the world. Even social media have had wants to compete with mennampilkan Youtube videos. Therefore, Myspace widely used by musicians to introduce their music to Internet users around the world.
3. MXit
MXit is a popular social hugely popular in 2007. This social media tends generation mobile instant messenger and social media networking software that allows penggnanya to communicate with others for free via mobile phone or PC. It could be said if MXit is a Line or Whatsapp its relic.


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Post by warnerautn (2016-07-19 04:47)

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