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Recognize Casing Type Is Right for Your Smartphone

The presence of various types of smartphone brands and models that vary in barengi with many additional accessories that emerged as a complementary smartphone. One of the accessories that are used by smartphone users is the case, or a lot of people used to call the casing. Casing arguably an accessory that has a lot fungis. Casing can serve to protect smartphones from bumps, scratches, dust, and it could be to make an appearance smarpthone become more beautiful. Type of casing is not only one, but there are a few that you can choose. Each case has its own advantages and disadvantages. Want to know what kind of casing? Here are some types of casing suitable for your smartphone.

1. Hardcase
As the name implies, is a type of casing Hardcase hard. That's because the casing is made of a hard material such as aluminum and plastic fiber. With yan takturnya hard and shine to make your smartphone will look more solid and elegant. Not only make an appearance to be beautiful smartphone, hardcase also has other advantages. Ie it can protect your smartphone from bumps and also make smartphones do not heat quickly because it is absorbing heat. Disadvantages of this casing is hardcase very vulnerable to damage if hit by hard impact such as falling to the floor.
2. Softcase
If you want to give more protection to your smartphone, then you can choose softcase as your smartphone casing. Softcase is a type of casing the most preferred by most users of smartphones today. Perhaps you are one of these casing user? The casing is made of soft materials such as rubber, silicone, and foam covered with cloth or leather to make it have excellent ability in protecting the smartphone from the collision with the collision drown. In addition, the material is also very comfortable and not slippery when held sehinggs you will feel at home when using a smartphone. But behind the advantages that it provides, softcase has shortcomings, which tend to have a dirty and did not carry the heat to the outside so well that the smartphone will be easier to heat.
3. Flip Cover
Unlike the hardcase and softcase which only cover the back of the smartphone, flip cover is a type of casing that covers the back and front of the smartphone and thus the flip cover can also be used to protect the screen of your smartphone. At the front is made of leather or fabric foaming, whilst to the rear is made of hard plastic fiber. If you are using this chassis, then you have to release the back cover back casing or smartphone and replace it with the back of the flip cover. The type of the flip cover is quite diverse, there is a flip cover which selruuh parts closed, there is also a flip cover that comes with windows that allow users to look at the clock or incoming phone calls without having to open the front.
4. Folio Case
Just like flip cover, the type of casing folio case also, there are two sections that can protect the back and front of the smartphone. The difference is, this case looks like a wallet because no adhesive is usually made of a magnet. Not only that, to use this case you do not need to remove the back cover or back cover of your smartphone.


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Post by warnerautn (2016-07-19 04:37)

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