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Like Photographing Food? Identify Causes And Danger

As the development of increasingly advanced technology, more and more are also emerging social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Path, and Twitter. The emergence of social media also raised new trends are quickly becoming popular among users of social media. One trend that is created in the social medical is a habit of taking photos of the food and publish the photo in the personal account of socio-cultural. In fact, because so popular these trends, emerging motto "Eat not valid if the food has not been posting photos to social media." There is no harm in doing so. However, if too much is also not good for psychological health.

There are even some psychological experts who spoke about the trend of photographing makaanan popular among users of social media, one of them is Valerie Taylor. A psychologist from Women's College Hospital, University of Torontom, Canada revealed that the habit of photographing food ni is based on a person's ambition to demonstrate its existence to others. They also do it because they tend to want to get the attention and praise of his friends in the virtual world. For them, show off photos of the food into a pride in itself, especially if the food they are foods that ssangat photo mahall and only sold in a fancy restaurant.

Are you among those who like taking pictures of food and distribute them to a social media? If yes, then you must be vigilant because these habits can bring harm to yourself. Here are some of the causes and dangers of photographing food.

1. Enlarge Obesity Risk
The habit of photographing the food turned out to be able to make the weight to rise and lead to obesity know. It is increasingly evident with the results written in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. In the journal explained that photographing food and then see the results of the photo before meals can lead to decreased levels of satisfaction when eating. Well, it can cause a person a lot lobih food and may eventually lead to obesity terjadunya.
2. Can Enjoy Food
When you take pictures after the food and distribute the picture in social media, you are only going to focus on the photos you post and various comments in your post by friends of your virtual world. It certainly will make you ignore the food that you have purchased so that you will not be able to enjoy the food that you have purchased earlier. Well, after photographing the food ssebaiknya you do not immediately share it on social media. Save your gadget for a while so that you can focus on enjoying the food that you have purchased.
3. Spending Higher
The more expensive the food is photographed, then the person will tend to feel more proud to post the results of the expensive food photos to social media. It will eventually causing it to become addicted and willing to spend lots of money to satisfy his desire and possess existence in social media friends. If the bad habits continue, then over time the buying habits of luxury foods will be a lifestyle that must always be met. It may make him the wasteful because there will always spend pretty much every day. Instead memebuhi wishes are not clear, it is better the money used to buy the more important needs or save for the future.


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Post by warnerautn (2016-07-19 04:41)

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