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How To Overcome Android Smartphone Frequently Lemot

Most people now use mobile phones based "green robot" or so-called smartphones. The operating system created by Google is indeed very quickly well-known throughout the entire world, including Indonesia. The Android operating system is so much in demand. That's because the operating system has an open-source license that can be used by many manufacturers of smartphones, of which has a high price to the affordable.
Salain it, there are many applications that can be downloaded by users of the android smartphone, whether it is paid applications to applications that can be downloaded for free. However, as time went on android smartphone will experience decreased performance. Will definitely be very annoying when you're your own fun playing games or chatting with gebetan suddenly smartphone so slow and even hang. To overcome this is actually very easy. Want to know How can I? Here are some ways to overcome the often slow smartphone.

1. Do not Use Wallpaper
Using animated wallpapers can indeed make your smartphone display become more attractive. However, this moving wallpaper turns out to be one of the causes why your smartphone is often slow. So, to overcome this problem and prevent performance is not decreasing, you should replace your animated wallpaper with ordinary wallpaper image. Because it does not just make your smartphone become faster, use regular wallpaper will make your smartphone battery becomes more durable.
2. Install applications as needed
When newly bought a smartphone, most people will feel confused to download any application. So many applications in the Play Store to make their home to install a lot of applications. Though installed applications are not necessarily all of them unused. Are you one of them? If so, then from now on you should pay more attention to the number of applications that you install on your smartphone. To download too many applications will only burden the smartphone memory which then will have an effect on decreasing the performance of the smartphone.
Therefore, you should install the application seperlunay yes. Try to install applications that are important and often you use everyday. If you already installed a lot of applications, you can directly uninstalling some apps are not important to lighten the work of your smartphone.
3. Reduce Usage Widget Punsel
Add many widgets on the home screen is easy for you to operate the smartphone. However, it can actually make your smartphone becomes slow. That's because the shortcuts that are always lit it can weigh on your smartphone RAM that will affect the performance of smartphones are becoming increasingly declining. In addition to making your smartphone becomes slow, use too many widgets that will make smartphone batteries to be extravagant.
4. Use the Memory Card With High Data Transfer Speed
Most smarrtphone Android are now equipped with high-speed internal memory. However, for those of you who like to collect photos, songs, videos, and other internal memory may not be enough so that inevitably have to use external memory to increase storage space.
In selecting an external memory card also should notice and should not be carelessly. In addition to considering kapasttas data storage, you should also pay attention to the class which is owned by the external memory card. The higher the class which is owned by the memory card, then the higher speed of data transfer.


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Post by warnerautn (2016-07-20 04:34)

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