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Caring Tips For More External Hard Disk Durability

Now this is an external hard disk arguably be one of the items that must dimiiki by the use of a laptop or PC. That's because the external hard disk drive has a storage capacity greater than other storage such as flash disk so that it can accommodate more data. In addition, the hard disk is also very portable so make this one thing in demand by many people, especially those who have high mobility.

However ,, behind the ease and advantages it has, it turns out an external hard disk is very vulnerable objects damaged as well as the internal hard disk. Well, surely you do not want it if it reached your external hard disk is damaged and your files in it broken? Here are some tips on caring for your hard disk ekssternal to be more durable.

1. Avoid Conflicts Loud And Vibration
Almost all external hard disk is not equipped with special safety so it is very susceptible to damage when hit hard like falling to the floor. Concussion suffered by an external hard disk can cause the mechanical components in it becomes damaged, therefore, as much as possible you should avoid external hard disk drives of any such collision or falling berbentur with other objects. In addition to impact, vibration berlebihna can also create an external hard disk is damaged. We recommend that you do not place the hard disk eksteranl place that vibrates like the above speakers are active. Vibrations can memnyebabkan components in the hard disk is damaged so that it will interfere with performance.
2. Do not Jump To revoke Hard Disk
You are among those who have a habit of simply unplug the hard disk of a PC after using it? If yes, then you should start this ssaat you need to kick the habit. That's because simply unplug the hard disk when you finish using it just will degrade the performance or even damage the hard disk of your eksteranl.
When using the hard disk and transfer data, there may be some data that has not been completely written to the hard disk and are still lagging behind in cache memory so that when you remove the hard disk ektsernal will produce data corrupted. Worse, when you simply unplug the hard disk of PA causes karusakan the Master Boot Record so inevitably you have to reformat your hard disk. Therefore, when you want to revoke your hard disk, you must eject it first or it could be by selecting the "safe remove hardware".
3. Put On Solid Surfaces
Just like a laptop, you also should not put the hard disk eksteranl dii soft place like a mattress or sofa. That's because jiak placed in a soft place can cause air circulation is disrupted and hard disk can make the hard disk eventually becomes hot and damaged. If it does not want to happen to you, you should put the hard disk in place that have flat surfaces such as floors, tables, and so forth. In addition, to avoid the hard disk becomes excessively hot, you can come from a mini fan nearby to cool the hard disk.

Thus information about tips on caring for an external hard disk to make it more durable. Hopefully this information is helpful to you.


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Post by warnerautn (2016-07-19 04:45)

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