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Caring for the Touch Screen Smartphone To More Sustainable

Along with rapid technological developments, make a lot of smartphones are emerging. From most smartphones on the market, almost all technology brings a touch screen or touch screen. Maybe you are one of the touch-screen smartphone users.
However, as we know if a touch screen smartphone is very susceptible to damage, especially on the part of the screen. Incorrect use can cause the touch screen to be damaged and not functioning. Therefore, so that it does not happen on your smartphone, here are some tips on caring for touch screen smartphones to be more durable.

1. Use fingers, not nails
You often use the fingernails when operating the touch screen of your smartphone? If yes, then you should have to stop these bad habits. It was because of the habit of using the nail will only damage your smartphone screen. Almost all the smartphone is equipped with a high sensitivity so you do not need to use nails. You simply use a fingernail to operate it. In addition to using nails, tapping the screen too hard can damage the smartphone screen.
2. Keep From Magnetic Field
A good idea to pay attention to where you put the smartphone. Do not place your smartphone in a place close to other electronic goods. That's because when putting in place close to electronic items such as televisions and radios can cause your smartphone to be damaged such as loss of sensitivity and performance to decrease. It was because of television and radio contains a magnetic field component damage that is in smartphones. In addition, the signals generated by the television and radio may cause the smartphone is already getting a signal connection.
3. Use Screen Protectors
Screen guard or better known as the anti-scratch an additional accessories for the smartphone that you must have, especially if you buy a new smartphone. Additional accessories serves to protect the screen of your smartphone from various scratches. In addition, screen guard can protect your smartphone screen from dust, water, and sun exposure. Therefore, when buying a new smartphone, do not forget to buy a screen guard yes. Screen guard has several types, ranging from crystal clear, anti-apy, tempered glass, so gorilla glass. Each screen guard has its advantages and disadvantages of each. For example, the type of crystal clear screen guard. Screen guard this one is the most banya screen guard worn by the user's smartphone. Screen guard can make your smartphone screen becomes more clear and clean. In addition, the price for a screen guard is very cheap so you do not need to spend a lot of money to protect the screen of your smartphone by purchasing crystal clear screen guard types.
4. Do Saving Smartphone In Pockets Pants
When traveling, most people usually prefer to keep the smartphones in a pants pocket because it is easier and less complicated. However, it turns out the habit is is one of the causes smartphone into a fast break. If you keep in a pants pocket, it will lead to continued pressure on your smartphoen screen. This can cause a scratch on the screen. Not only that, save smartphones in a pants pocket can also cause sensitivity smartphone screen to be reduced and even stopped functioning. Therefore, we recommend that you store your smartphone in a bag that you can take anywhere.


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Post by warnerautn (2016-07-18 04:25)

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